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The average travel time is 600 miles a day.  Please remember that loading/unloading vehicles does take time as well.  The general standard on any cross country move can take 7-10 days from North to South, 3-5 days from North to South.  Please ask your agent rep to get exact route info.
Definitely, all carrier truckers are fully insured bumper to bumper with no deductible for customers.  A full inspection is done at pick up location and delivery, which is signed off by both parties.
While this is uncommon in the transport industry we always try to stay on top of any scenario that may occur.  In the rare situation that any damage happens during transit, this will be noted down on the Bill of Laden so there is evidence that it occurred and can be used to file a claim after.
Most of our customers live in very residential streets and you will be surprised how close to your residence our carriers can get! In the case where the driver cannot get right to your front door he might ask you to meet him at a nearby street or parking lot where loading and unloading might be easier.
If the vehicle is inoperable, then you must let the agent know so that we can find you the right carrier for the transport.  Usually special equipment is needed to load the vehicle if it does not turn on, especially if it does not steer, brake and roll onto the trucks.  A wench or tbar is needed.  If its a business pick up or drop off a forklift may help the carriers for those who do not have special tools but can assist in transporting for you and even save you money in the long run.
We are aware that as customers you always want things to go according to plan. However, we ask for your understanding as trucking is a hard business to pinpoint an exact time due to many factors. What we have found that works best is for our carriers to work out a window with the customer and then call them when they are about an hour away. We are also aware that some customers are working with certain deadlines and factors like flights come into play and we always do our best to prioritize our customer’s timelines and work around them.
We do have a specialized system in finding a driver for you and we do our best to get the quickest and reliable carriers to notify us of their availability.  At times the route may be less traveled so this because a waiting period on discovering the drivers that will accept a less traveled road.  We will make sure to alert you with all available options as we find them.
the price range that is calculated is all inclusive, that means there are no hidden costs, additional fees or taxes.  All inclusive total tariff includes tolls, gas, insurance and door to door service.
The carriers use a large variety of trucks from small flatbeds for shorter routes to large double decker carriers for longer journeys, to enclosed trailers for a more private experience.  Depending on the type of transport need we assure you that wi have the right equipment for the transport.
If the route is difficult the cost of transporting may change due to the bidding system the industry works under, the carriers have a choice of vehicles and the route it takes them.  if the price offered to them is attractive then the chances of having it moved are greater on a more difficult route.
As an industry leader we take price in not charging upfront; this means that there will be not charges prior to the vehicle being picked up.  The full amount is paid at time of delivery but there is a small dispatch fee that is taken as the deposit (usually around $150 – 250 depending on the transport) will be charged on a credit card that we authorize once car is picked up but don’t process until delivery, and the remaining balance is due to the carrier at delivery via cash, cashier’s check or money order.
We will absolutely not allow it!  We will deal with one truck and one driver for every shipment order.  The same carriers that pick up the vehicle are also delivering the car.  We do not approve terminal moves either where your car is dropped off and picked up by another truck.  The Vehicle will not change hands, once your vehicle is picked up will be a straight shot to its destination.
While some carriers do offer GPS tracking there are also many there are also many that do not.  Regardless, we do offer the carriers info ahead of time before pick up so that you can always communicate and check with the progress of your transportation.  We do try to provide status checks and of course feel free to contact your personal agent for updates.  Our team is always available for you
We must be clear on this, the drivers do not always approve moving personal items but understand that at times its a must.  So the standard weight approved by most is 100lbs.  Also try to keep it under window level as a courtesy to the driver.   This will help avoid any additional fees that would have been accrued if the carrier charges extra.  At time they worry about the excess weight that it adds to the their limited weight regulations they must abide and they are not trying to get fined for moving personal items.
If the vehicle is being transported from or to a business then please make sure to inform the agent and your self the business hours.  Truckers will need to know how much time they have to work around the schedule so they stay on course with their timeline and scheduling.  This is a courtesy that if not considered may affect your transport and others that are sharing the route with you.
With most routes, we are able to have a carrier contact within 48 hours and book a reservation .  If the route is less desired by drivers we might ask for a few days, just in case.
Although we are on working around your schedule so that we do not inconvenience you drivers are not able to pin point exact times because they are the road.  The drivers do try stay on schedule and will inform us ahead of time if there are any delays.  Your agent does make sure to keep you up to date with info until its successfully delivered.
In order to alert the drivers we post on the National Load board that the vehicle is ready for pick up immediately.  This will notify the industry and we can begin to receive calls within 20 minutes or a few hours.   We do ask for 2-5 days to find carriers because we want to make sure to find the best option for your needs.
We currently are working on expanding our reach with a global expansion.  At the moment the only outside shipping we do is to other US Territories such as Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.  This has a process and requires detailed coordination, so please work closely with your agent to make it a success.
Most of our customers live in very residential streets and you will be surprised how close to your residence our carriers can get! In the case where the driver cannot get right to your front door he might ask you to meet him at a nearby street or parking lot where loading and unloading might be easier.