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Deep in the auto transport universe, our expertise in shipping vehicles is further supported and amplified by a network of honest, quick, dependable and best in class performance. Together we can take pride in providing the ultimate experience for our customers and network of carriers. we strive in providing the most transparent, accurate pricing with a network of 5 Star auto carriers. Our network of professional carrier companies are fully insured and we have you in great hands with our highly rated 24/7 service.

The industry carriers and car shipping clients use AutoBox because its simple and seamless to price, book and ship everything that people use that has an engine, whether its going local or long distance. Our shipping solutions help you connect with highly complex industry and simplify the process through our experienced broker agent experts. We are able to connect with both shippers and carriers to help mediate the best scenario for everyone.

Many successful companies start with a humble idea of solving the needs for others. We started in using the transport services for our fellow prior military service members. While its was very exhausting to sort out the good companies from bad service, or misguiding brokers. We as owners have been part of a family tradition of truckers and 15 years ago began working as brokers in the industry. We worked for a few different companies that we believe had the wrong idea of what customer service means. After seeing the disastrous service many companies provide and how people shy away from the use of transporting. We decided to want to make a difference and show the nation that there is a company you can believe in!

We started the company to help individuals or businesses transport their vehicles with a more transparent approach. We believe in advising the clients the in full disclosure on how the shipping process truly operates. We set ourselves apart by providing the ultimate hassle-free experience. We make sure to explain how you must not take initial quotes as the final price, how to shop around for actual carriers by choosing us as a broker and avoid bouncing around with different companies to find yourself a driver. We bring the options to you after negotiating the carriers to the best rate and then making sure we lock in the deal with a contract, so nothing changes. We make sure to protect your the value of your business by not accepting payment until the vehicle has been picked up to show in good faith we are the best choice bar none. We make a promise to insure that we will be with you every step until your vehicle is successfully delivered.


AUTOBOX is the Right Choice!

AutoBox Transports LLC is an owner operated company based in Miami, FL.
We have a combined experience of over 15 years of experience with a new approach to the business.